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The 3 Biggest Blessings Of My Business

by wordadmin
3 biggest blessings of my business

Three of the biggest blessings that have come from my business are these:

  • Time freedom
  • The ability to travel through earned incentive trips
  • The means to say ‘yes’ to new experiences with my family

In June 2019, it really dawned on me that these three things are truly life changing. And they’re all a luxury my family did not always have.

It was a few days before some of my teammates and closest friends were heading to the Bahamas for a trip they had earned with MONAT. I had earned the same trip myself, but I wasn’t able to go because I was about to have my youngest son.

As I was sitting there thinking about how bummed I was to be missing such a fun trip, it sank in. The only reason I was missing that trip was only because I was about to have a baby. ??

  • It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford it (the company was paying for it all).
  • And, it wasn’t because we couldn’t get the time off of work. (Through this business we have gained TIME).

Statistics show that there are two things that hold people back from pursuing their dreams. TIME + MONEY.

With the opportunity I have through my business, you’re able to achieve both. Isn’t that amazing? To think about the doors that have been opened — the time freedom, the flexibility, the ability to travel and create memories. When I truly think about what this business has done and allowed me to do, it hits me like a ton of bricks.


This is for anyone who wants it. I wanted it and look where it’s taken me?

Here’s the kicker. It can take YOU too. You just have to want it. ?

Yes, it’s hard work.
Yes, it takes effort.
But seriously, how much better could it get than this? This job is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of.

Are you looking for something different? I know I was all those years ago. Just so incredibly thankful I looked into a business like this and decided to say yes.

3 biggest blessings of my business

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