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The Women You Surround Yourself With

by wordadmin

In early 2020, I spoiled some amazing rockstars that I work with and took them out to the desert for a fun day of content shooting. Check out the gorgeous pics here! ✨

If you ever need a photographer out in that area, @katiemcgihon is your girl.

We caravanned all through Palm Springs hitting up some pretty cool locations. Some of our stops included downtown Palm Springs, an urban coffee shop, a cute neighborhood, the famous “pink wall,” and of course we ended at the windmills where we all sat in a circle as the sky turned into the most gorgeous pink sunset I have ever laid eyes on.

It was a day filled with photo snapping and laughing but the end? Oh, how I loved the end the most.

We got a little more serious. We shared our hearts. We cried. We laughed. We went around that circle amongst that bright pink sky and shared how this business has left an imprint on our hearts.

?? ??? ??????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???????.

The business is amazing but the effect it has? ???? is what pushes me to go further, work harder, keep going, never quit — because the impact is beyond me. It goes beyond ?? business.

Some people dream of success while other people wake up every morning to make it happen. These girls are ????? girls.
No setbacks, no road bumps, no obstacles — nothing has ever deterred them from going after their dreams.

If you think you can’t do this, you can.
If you think you’re too busy, you’re not.
If you want it, you will make it work.

And if you do, you just might end up surrounded by a group of women that will lift you up, encourage you to go further, and keep you dreaming like never before.

Proud to know them but even more so, proud to work alongside each and every one of them.

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