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The Message Behind YOU

by wordadmin
The meaning behind YOU

Recently, a group of us hosted an event in our area and let me just say, it was incredible. It felt amazing getting back out there. The energy and vibrations going through that room were high and it was exactly what we all needed after a year of not being able to do this. ??

As we discussed what we wanted the theme to be, the word YOU came up. Here’s what it means to me and the message I want to share with you …

You might feel unworthy of your dreams.
You might feel undeserving of your prayers being answered.
Do you feel inadequate?
Do you feel alone?
Maybe you feel shy or incapable?
Maybe you are embarrassed of failing?
Do you fear rejection?

Today and every day remember this, ??? are worthy of your dreams, you are deserving, you have what it takes, you are strong, you are capable, you are bold, you are ??? and that is enough. ?

To ??? who’s not feeling like you’re enough today. Remember everything you feel isn’t true and everything you feel isn’t you. ??? are enough just as yourself. Don’t accept anything less.

??? ??? ??????. Don’t ever forget it.

Each one of us has a story. A beautiful, unique story. And the world needs to hear it, from you. 

The amazing women I get to work alongside each have their own story to tell. Many of them have  overcome obstacles, some have broken the 9 to 5 mold and all they have pushed for bigger dreams. They are from all different backgrounds with different personalities, yet have formed their own way to success.

The meaning behind YOU

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