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The Art Of Pivoting In Your Journey

by wordadmin
The Art Of Pivoting In Your Journey

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I had finally made the decision that my future was going to be in Real Estate. Such a stretch from my current shampoo gig right?

I dove in and took the online course. I remember walking into that big conference room like it was yesterday. My nerves took over and ultimately I ended up failing.

I could have called it quits but I still had high hopes so I studied some more, took the test again and eventually passed. With dreams of success driving me forward I decided to take on the next set of online courses to obtain my brokers license.

You might be thinking, “??? ??? ???? ? ?????” The answer is no. I skipped that step and went straight to purchasing the course to becoming a broker. ??‍♀️ Even typing this has me shaking my head. It reminds me of the “instant success” so many want and preach these days.

I wanted the end result without putting in my time and paying my dues first. Isn’t that what so many of us want these days? — to be at the top without making the climb.

In that moment all I could think about was becoming the next big real estate developer. The only thing is, I never sold a home — ever. Not once.

I might not have become the Real Estate Mogul I once envisioned myself to be, but what I did become was determined.

  • Determined to find a way.
  • Determined to figure it out.
  • Determined to succeed in creating my dream life one way or another.

I now see that all of my past “business ventures” were the stepping stones that would eventually set me up for the success that I have today. Real Estate was part of my path and it was in those moments thirteen years ago that I learned that failure is inevitable. It’s what you choose to do about it once you fall.

“This is your life, and it’s been waiting for you to discover it.”

Get up, get going and soak in the journey. It’s the only true way to get to your final destination.

pivot and start your journey

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