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We Rise Together

by wordadmin

The truth is, I don’t brag on my friend Connie nearly enough. So today I am going to tell you about her.

She has been by my side in my business from day one. We have made countless memories over these last four years and have truly experienced some of the most amazing life altering moments.

Everything from starting at the bottom and working our way to the top, hitting huge goals, traveling the world, sitting in full day workshops, training, growing, leading, laughing, crying — it’s all been done with her by my side.

I am forever thankful that she saw the vision and said yes to this business because I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

That’s the beauty of this whole shampoo gig — we can only rise when we rise TOGETHER. To think of what our lives would be like if we hadn’t said yes. ?

In the beginning of our business we flew everywhere together. I’m talking EVERYWHERE. Our first trip was August of 2017 and now here we are, years later and still doing what we love and having the time of our lives doing it.

Insanely overwhelmed and proud of this woman and her fierce determination to rise. Last month she was formally inducted into the Million Dollar Club with Monat. ??

To think that just four short years ago we linked arms and now here she is, an MDC Member. ⚡️

What does that mean exactly? It means that she has earned over one million dollars in commissions — just from taking a chance on selling shampoo. ???

She understood that this business model is the way of our future and that this company is special, unlike the rest.

Doubt could have derailed her.

Rejection could have made her quit.

Fear could have stopped her before she even began.

But it didn’t.

For so many, they refuse to go after their dreams because of the FEAR of the unknown. More often than not, they allow the fear of the unknown to rob them from experiencing life’s most amazing things.

Don’t let the fear stop you from living out your dreams. Truth is, the things that we’re most scared about are the ones worth taking a chance on.

I never knew this would be my “job.”
I never knew this is where I would end up.
I never knew that this girl would turn into one of my very best friends.
I never knew joining a direct sales job would turn into my dream job but it has.

It. absolutely. has.

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