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Reflecting On My Time In Las Vegas

by wordadmin

Recently, I earned a free trip to Las Vegas courtesy of the beauty company I’ve partnered with. Afterwards, I sat down to reflect on my time spent in Vegas. Here are my thoughts.

These last few days were so beyond incredible, so much so that I need to take some time to sit and get my thoughts together in order to express it properly. I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly be able to convey what’s in my heart but soon I will try.

For now, one thing I ??? say is just how much Gods hand is in this company. He is so strongly intertwined in so many aspects of this business. That in itself has my heart overwhelmed. ???

During our trip to Vegas, we went out into the desert to take some content pictures (there are some really funny stories but I’ll save those for another post.)

As I sat on the street in the middle of nowhere, I looked out at this stunning landscape and was reminded of just how much the Lord loves us.

The detail, the formations, the perfection, the colors — it was by no accident.

He did that for us.

He could have made everything grey and dull, lifeless, flavorless and with no color but He didn’t — and it’s because He ????? us.

If you are feeling lost, if you are wondering why you’re here, if you’re asking yourself if there is “something more,” know that you are not alone and you we’re definitely made for more.

There is so much more.

You were created by a God that loves you more than you might even know or truly understand.

You are His masterpiece “?? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????, ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ???."

Nothing this beautiful happened by accident. It was designed and created on purpose for a purpose — and that includes you my friend.

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