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The Power of Community

by wordadmin

Community is something that I need in all aspects of my life.

Truly, I thrive way more off of the so-called “buddy system.”

Do a project alone or with a buddy?
Go to the gym alone or with a buddy?
Study alone or with a buddy?
Go on a diet alone or with a buddy?
Dream alone or with a buddy?
Work hard alone or with a buddy?

I choose a buddy every time. 😅

There’s more motivation, there’s more accountability, there’s more balance, there’s more laughs and really it just makes life way more fun.

Work is work but this job really is the best, and a big reason is the community it has brought into my life.

If you are feeling isolated, alone, bored or even unmotivated, maybe linking arms and joining this community will bless you just as it has me.

Think of it like paying to join a sorority — but the nice one where there’s no drama, everyone wants the best for you and will encourage you all along the way.

Funny thing is, I have a friend who started because of the “sorority” and ended up becoming a million dollar earner. Life’s funny that way sometimes, isn’t it? 😉✨

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